4 signs that an “At Home” family photography session could be for you


There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort – Jane Austen

Traditionally family photo sessions have been held in a park or some other pretty location. But have you noticed the recent trend for family photography sessions at home? Now before you start thinking “At home? What will the photographer think about all my laundry?” or “my home is just toosmall” or “we don’t do much at home”, here are a few signs that suggest an At Home Family Fun session is perfect for you:

(1) You love lazy weekends

Does your perfect Saturday morning involve staying in bed as long as possible, before the kids finally jump all over you and push you out, hanging out in your pyjamas for that bit longer than a weekday, a relaxed breakfast and time to play with your kids without having to rush them out the door?  Forget getting the kids all dressed in co-ordinating outfits and rushing to meet a photographer in a park you’ve never been too. I’ll come to you. And if the kids aren’t dressed when I get to you, awesome – I’ll get some shots of them in pyjamas jumping on the bed 🙂

(2) Your child hates putting their coat on

Well it is any wonder? If they are anything like my child, they are out most days at daycare so staying at home, getting to play with their own toys on their terms is pure bliss. I love to capture kids lost in their own play world and nowhere is this strongest that in their own home where their imaginary world is built on every day. In the words of Jane Austen “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort”.

(3) Your home is not perfectly tidy all the time

This is a sign that your home is full of love and life. That your home is lived in. That this is where your life takes place. Home is a place where there IS a bit of mess because the truth is when you are busy taking care of the people you love, there’s not much time to take care of the mess. Home is where your children play and laugh, where their stuff takes over and gets everywhere, where they don’t do as they are told, where they get up to mischief and and where they are showered with hugs and kisses.  So where better to have your real family life captured? (And no, you don’t need to tidy up before I come over, I pick my angles carefully 🙂 )

(4) You don’t want to forget all the little things about your family life right now

For me, most of the truly special family moments, the things that I want to remember about this time, are the things that happen during our everyday routine. Things to do with mealtimes, dressing, playtime and bathtime, like the way they pull a funny face when they eat their favourite yoghurt, their face when you run the bath, or the crazy antics they get up to when they think you aren’t looking.

Just think, if you could freeze that moment in time, and not only look back on it yourself in years to come, hold it on your hands, but also show you child in 20-30 years time, when they are having their own children. “Look, you used to pull that EXACT SAME FACE!!”, you can tell them.

Because ultimately this is what it is all about: Making photographs that will evoke an emotional response; Photographs that your children will love to look at when they are all grown up; Photographs that will strike up a conversation between the generations about where you lived, the things your children did to wind each other up or look after one another, the food you loved, the books you read, the games you played and the fun that was had. My experience is that the best place to capture all of this is in your own home.

So what does an At Home Family Fun photo session look like? Well here is what it looked like with Family W. They invited me into their home to capture the joy and fun of their everyday life with two little ones. Their 3 year-old is a cheeky chappy, who ran around jumping all over mum and dad’s bed and his 3 month old baby sister did not, in 2 hours, stop smiling and giggling at her crazy older brother. And I mean, how could life at their home not be fun with that awesome swing in the kid’s playroom?

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So, do you think an At Home Family Fun photo session would suit your family? I have some limited availability over the coming months, so do get in touch sooner rather than later so we can find a date to fit you in. First step? Fill in the contact form below and I’ll be in touch asap.

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