A day-in-the-life with Family W, by documentary family photographer Lia Edwards

bedtime photographed by Lia Edwards

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you had your entire day, just a regular ordinary day, documented. All the ups and downs, the craziness, the quiet moments, the fun, the love, the exasperation, from morning until night? For Richelle, this is what her typical day looked and felt like. The great thing is, her family have now moved from Munich back to their home country Australia. The boys might be too young to remember much about their life here, but now they will have these photos to see how it really was. It wasn’t always easy, that is how life is with young children. But as well as seeing how hard their parents worked, they will also see all the love and fun that was had.

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You captured our precious and very real moments together that we often forget are a part of our everyday life – RICHELLE


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All pictures copyright Lia Edwards 2016, not to be used or republished without prior written consent.

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