Munich Family Photography: Baby C on the cusp of walking


This family are THE best example of why your home does not need to be “ready” for me to come and photograph you there. I know, you are thinking “what do you mean, it looks perfectly lovely?”. And it was. But there was also a portaloo and skip outside the door, a man tiling the bathroom as I walked in and the kitchen was being installed, with dustsheets hanging up over the door openings and windows. But none of that mattered. I chose my angles carefully and there was one spot, their upstairs landing, which had the most beautiful light, so that was where we took most of the at home pictures, before heading out to nearby Schloss Nymphenburg for a stroll under the winter sun.

I am so grateful that they trusted me to do this, at their home, notwithstanding the ongoing building work. Because now they have pictures of their daughter, just at that age between baby and little girl, just about to walk, pushing her little cart around, stood on tippy-toes reaching for a book, pictures of them, as a family, at this stage in their life. If they had waited until the works were finished (and let’s face it, are our homes every “finished” or “photoshoot ready”? – I know mine is not), they would have missed all of this.

Don’t wait another second, before you blink they are onto the next phase and you’ll want to remember what it was that you so loved 3 months ago, how were they again? Are YOU ready to have your real family life captured (even if your home is not)? Fill in the contact form under the menu and let’s get a date in the diary.

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