Baby H at home and out along the Nymphenburg canal: Munich baby photography

Most people are relieved when I tell them at the beginning of a session that they don’t need to look at the camera, and neither does their child. But this little fellow could not stop staring into my big black lens. Mum and dad wanted to capture their family life in Munich with their 10 month old little boy so that in years to come they can show him where his first home was. We started off at their home which, like this family, was full of colour and life (and seriously stylish!). He played and read, banged the saucepans in the kitchen and tried to crawl into my lens numerous times.


Then we headed for a walk through a nearby park over to the Nymphenburg canal. If you look very closely you can see the palace in the background. We didn’t choose this because it was a pretty location (although it was), but because this is where they take a walk every day. There will one day be a time when they no longer live here and this is what they will want to remember and show their son. But that won’t be all little H will see in these pictures. He will see how much is he truly loved and adored by his parents. And that, my friends, is why I do what I do.


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