Munich Family Photography: How snow makes kids of us all

Munich Family Photographer Snow

As adults we don’t often get a “free pass” to be silly, but snow gives us exactly that. We get to be kids again and just “play”. Do you remember snowy days as a child? I bet your parents got the camera out when you all played in the snow. And I bet you do too when the white stuff starts falling from the sky. But the problem is if we are taking the photo, not only are we missing out on the fun, we are also taking pictures that will make our children think we didn’t play with them in the snow. I think that, plus the fact that the opportunity doesn’t always arise that often to organise a session in the snow, makes sessions like this mama + sons one, from last month, so special. My hope is that in 20/30 years time, these two boys, all grown up, perhaps with children of their own, will find these pictures in a box. They will remember that they had a mum who loved to play with them, and hopefully they won’t forget how great it is to be silly and lick the snow!

Soak in these pictures but don’t forget to read my very important special message at the bottom…

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Oh and that very important special message… If you want a session of fun in the snow with your kids, you need to be on my…

Snow List!!!

What is that, you ask? It is just a list of families I know to contact at short notice if the weather looks to be suitable for a session in the snow – no obligation, it just means I know that you want this, and I’ll try to make it happen for you. As the saying goes, “If you ain’t on the list…”, well, you know… So fill in this nifty little contact form and we’ll make this happen. Your children and grandchildren will be grateful you did 🙂


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