Life with 6 children: A day in the life of Family S

lunch with kids in Munich

The Smith family are on temporary assignment in Munich before returning to the US next month. So they were keen to capture a snapshot of their life here to remember their time here. Often, we’ll take pictures of all the travel we do while living abroad for a short time, but the day-to-day life is as much a part of the experience, because it is in all the little things that the experience of living abroad is founded.

You might imagine that a family with 6 children would be loud and chaotic, especially when 5 of the 6 are boys… But that was not my experience with this family. In fact, it felt calmer and more organised than my 1 child family! That is because in a large family (I grew up one of 5, so I know the deal), everyone has to do their bit to make everything work. Everyone has their role and their jobs to do and there is no getting out of it because the other 7 people won’t be having any of that! Except, that is, for the littlest one. He gets to charm all his older siblings and have them wrapped right around his little finger. But they don’t mind one bit, because he is super adorable and they all love him to bits.

The other advantage of a large family? A ready made football team – now THAT is pretty cool.

Here’s the slideshow of pictures from their day-in-the-life photography session.


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