Meet Lia


I’m an English speaking documentary family photographer, based in Munich, Germany. Here’s a few fun facts about me:

  • I have a 4yr old. She drives me crazy, makes me laugh, slams her door when she is cross with me. She sings (and shouts) very loudly, has a wonderfully eclectic dress sense, is mad about ponies, gives the best hugs and always speaks her mind. She reminds me of what I must have been like as a child (except the pony stuff which was never my jam). She is my muse, my teacher, my great love.
  • I used to be a lawyer. Yup. Enough said on that. But it does make me one of the most organised and diligent photographers you’re likely to come across, hehe.
  • My parents are Irish (and I have inherited the Irish tendency for long conversations and speaking my mind).
  • I’m an Aries. Stubborn and determined (to get the shot!!).
  • Everyone always asks if my husband is German (because why else, they wonder, would we live in Germany). No he is a red-haired Welshman, thank you very much.
  • I’ve always enjoyed art. One of my earliest memories is getting in trouble for drawing on the walls at home (I blamed my older sisters, but that didn’t stick).
  • I had no idea, when I studied German at school and at university, that I would actually end up living here. Funny how these things happen. Also, wir können auch Deutsch sprechen, wenn es Ihnen lieber ist.
  • I do NOT like coffee. Not one bit. But I do love a good cup of tea. And chocolate. Preferably shared with friends at my kitchen table (well the tea anyway).
  • I am fun and funny (according to my 10 year old nephew).

Now your turn! Get in touch via the contact form (under the menu), so you can tell me all about you and your family and what aspects of your family life you’d like me to capture for you.