Munich Family Vacation Photography with Lia Edwards: Family C on Vacation in Munich

Munich Family on Vacation Photos

Visiting Munich? Living here for a short time? Then it’s definitely worth putting your own camera or smartphone down and relaxing in the knowledge that a professional photographer is capturing all the moments for you. I LOVE working with families that are on vacation here in my beautiful adopted city of Munich. You’re at your most relaxed when you’re on vacation, so it’s a great time to capture your family having fun together. Family C wanted a relaxed session with a distinctly Munich feel. So we headed to the Englischer Garten where their energetic (and completely loveable) boys kicked a ball around, laughed, cried, played in the playground and got a taste of German sausages in the lakeside beer garden. Not a bad morning!

Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-03Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-05Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-01Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-02Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-11Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-06Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-07Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-08Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-09Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-10Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-14Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-19Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-22Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-21Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-16Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-15Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-20Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-18Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-17Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-24Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-25Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-26Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-23Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-28Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-30Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-31Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-32Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-33Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-34Munich Family Photographer-Vacation-04 Are you visiting Munich this year? Let’s capture the fun you have with your family while you’re here. First step, fill in this form and we can make it happen.


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