Munich Maternity Photography: Pregnancy Photography without the cheese

Pregnant mom and toddler daughterI will admit that recently I haven’t offered pregnancy photography as, quite honestly, I wasn’t sure what kind of pictures to take. It seemed like all that was out there was the same old silhouettes, heart-shaped hands on belly posed shots, or a pregnant woman standing naked in a stream (no, I’ve no idea why either).

Then it dawned on me. I could make pictures of a family expecting a baby in the same way I would any other family. By documenting their actual life at home, just before baby comes, I could offer not just the family, but that unborn baby, images that reflect their family life at this time. How amazing would it be to see not just what your mama looked like when she was carrying you, but what your family’s life looked like as they were preparing to welcome you into the world?

So this is how I photographed Kari & Will, as they prepare for life with 2 little ones. Their little girl is a real firecracker. She called me “Lee-la” the whole time, wouldn’t let mama touch “Lee-la’s spoon” (for mixing the waffle batter), ate about 12 waffles, ran, danced, played, cared attentively for her baby doll and jumped for joy on the bed. She really will be such a great big sister. And now I can’t wait to meet the baby in a few weeks, exciiiiiiting!!

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Are you expecting a baby this year? Would you love a record of this time in your lives before baby comes (it can be your first baby too – we can still do this style of session)? I’d love to hear from you. And I have special deals when you book Maternity + Fresh 48 + Newborn sessions. And then you can have the whole series preserved in a gorgeous contemporary layflat album and hung up on the wall. Let’s talk. Fill in the contact form below and I’ll get in touch.

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