Newborn Documentary Photography by Lia Edwards: Welcoming Baby Liam


Just 3 weeks old, and this little man is very much at home with his family, who all absolutely adore him.  You can view the session slides here. If you’re new to my site, you’ll see that the way I photograph newborn babies is not in the traditional posed baby-in-a-basket fashion (oh years ago I tried that and trust me, laughed at the results). No, documentary newborn photography involves simply documenting family life, the same way I do with any other documentary family session. The result is a set of pictures that represent what your actual life looks like with this new little person. I recommend scheduling the shoot for when baby is around 3-4 weeks old: they spend less time sleeping, are more alert, personality starting to show through, older siblings will have had some time to adjust to the new arrival and routines will gradually be getting in place. So there is absolutely no need to rush and get your baby photographed in the first week. Here and here are other recent examples of my documentary approach to newborn photography.

If you are expecting a baby in 2107 and would like authentic pictures of your life with your new baby, then fill in the contact form below. I only take a limited number of newborn bookings each month, so do get in touch if you want this style of photography for your growing family.

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