Phone Photography Course

My popular online course “How to Capture Your Family Life Using Your Phone Camera” Will next run in 2018 – fill in the contact form if you’d like to be put on the early bird registration list.  Here’s what you need to know.

What will I learn?

phone photography course for parents


Frequently asked questions:


Yes, the course covers both iPhone and Android phones.


No, I am based in Munich, but the course is on-line and so you can sign up wherever in the world you are from and read the materials/do the exercises at a time each day that suits you.


  • Each of the teaching weeks (weeks 1, 2 and 4), I will send out a pdf (approx 25 pages each week) on the Sunday evening with all the topics for that week.
  • During those weeks (Mon-Fri), I post a daily video (between 2-7 minutes long) in the private Facebook group for students, with a suggested exercise for the day, relating to one of the topics from that week’s pdf.
  • At the end of each week, you submit 2 images for my feedback and can ask questions which I will then answer by video the following week. The feedback is one of the most useful parts of the course as you get to understand why certain elements of the image work (so that you can repeat these the next time) and how you might have approached a scene to make a stronger image (so that you can bear this in mind, the next time you are in a similar scenario).
  • In Week 3, we have a break week, so that you have time to digest all the information from Weeks 1 & 2, practice and catch up with any exercises or videos that you have missed.
  • There is a private Facebook group for students where you are encouraged to share your pictures during the week and support each other. There will also be a small number of alumni students who have previously take the course, who can provide encouragement and guidance, as well as a teaching assistant who will also join in the Facebook group discussions. It’s a lot of fun as everyone gets to know each other in the group. I leave the group open after the course, so that you can still keep in touch and share your images with each other.


Yes, everything can be done through your phone, and when you are travelling is the perfect time to practice. You may want to ensure that you have access to a desktop or laptop for some of the course as the weekly pdfs are easier to read on a larger screen.


You’ll need a bit of time each weekend to digest the pdf, as each one does contain a lot of information, but then during the week, 10-15 minutes a day of focused shooting for the daily exercise should suffice. Don’t worry if you get behind, just leave the previous exercises and join in with the latest one. You can always go back to them later. The materials are yours to keep.

Student Gallery

Here is a selection of student images from summer 2016. Didn’t they do brilliantly? And these guys had no formal photography education prior to the course. Seriously, I was so impressed!

(images courtesy of Abbie Casper, Annika Wahrenburg, Alina Reichert, Rebecca Moss, Richelle Gaw, Eniko Pito, Yasmine Can and Jean Reiss)


And here are what previous students had to say about the course:

This course was great. I feel like it has transformed the way I take pictures of my family. I am now aware of so much when capturing moments and she made learning the material easy and fun. Several friends and family have commented on how nice my pictures are after taking the course. I am so happy I took it.” – Abbie

Lia’s course was easy, fun, and so worth it! Instead of taking countless snaps to capture one moment now, I became much better at taking fewer shots with much better outcomes! Lia taught us to look at things differently: taking in the scene, the composition, the light, and being braver with all those. And it worked 🙂 Can only honestly and highly recommend Lia and the course!” – Alina

Lia’s course was amazing! I learned so much about lighting. The most important take away is to capture the moment and not the perfect pose. Life is spontaneous and now I know how to use my phone to capture those quick seconds. Thanks a million!” – Erin

“I think differently about photos now I’ve done your course. About how they are lit, where I need to stand, what else is in the frame and how to wait for the moment. If i get a good one, i now edit it slightly to square it up, perhaps crop it a bit and generally make it look its best. I think it has helped me to move away from family photography as record keeping and towards photography which captures a bit of their personalities or moods.” – Rebecca

I loved the course and am still learning from it, absorbing all the tips and incorporating them into my picture taking one by one until they become automatic. I still have loads of material from the course to work through. The best for me was learning to always hold phone sideways and to really study the contents of what’s in the frame instead of just focusing on the main subject.” – Jean

Lia’s course was great because it was hands-on and I learned many great tips which I could apply immediately without having to practice for weeks. It was very useful to learn about light and composition in particular and my shots are much better now than they used to be before the course!” – Yasmine

Lia’s course was great because it was hands-on and I learned many great tips which I could apply immediately without having to practice for weeks. It was very useful to learn about light and composition in particular and my shots are much better now than they used to be before the course!” – Yasmine

I loved the course … not only for the tips you gave us but also the way you presented it to us. Your passion for family photojournalism is so clear in the daily videos you uploaded for us … your energy is infectious. The pictures that you used throughout the course are very inspiring.
The course is rich in tips and these help to just see the ‘moment’ with other eyes and capture it. I learned where to stand, how to hold the phone, when/how to anticipate the moment, get myself in the picture (I realized that till the course I hardly had any pictures with myself in it), light and the list can go on …
Thank you Lia.” – Eniko

I’ve been finding it really fun to try to incorporate everything you are teaching us. This last pdf has gotten me really excited about doing more with my photos as well. I’ve been really good about taking at least a few daily photos ever since my little guy was born and he’s now over 2 (and I always post them daily for my family), but have literally only printed a handful of them. You’ve made me realize how important it is to share these memories with my little guy and I’m so excited to start doing it. You’ve given us some really great ideas for this and I can’t wait to make that part of our routine! I know there’s still this last week to go, but I wanted to thank you before it’s over and to let you know how great it has been for me.” – Leah


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