Pumpkins, golden leaves and chestnut hunting

Fancy something different to the cheesy posed family shots this Autumn? I have a whole load of ideas for activities to get your family having fun in this beautiful season. You’ll end up with a series of beautiful photographs that tell a story. A little snippet of your family’s story. How you all like to have fun together. I want you to remember that day you went for a walk in the forest and your children stopped every step of the way to pick up a shiny new chestnut, the time they saw their first pumpkin stall, or realised apples grow on trees. Or if you are throwing a Halloween party, I can come along and photograph all the fun, silly costumes and games. Your photo session, your choice!

To find out more and book a session, get in touch via the contact form under the menu.

Autumn 2015 Collage


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