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Our Day in the Life session was so easy and relaxed and the resulting pictures are wonderful! Worth every penny. Lia is great!” (Aliya)

Lia was wonderful to work with. She was easy to connect with, talk to, share stories with and laugh with. She fit in with our family well and we didn’t even realize she was taking pictures. Her style is beautiful. We love our family photos. I feel like she caught everyone perfectly and I’m amazed to see how well she captured our family dynamic. I cannot stop smiling over how beautiful her work is! I have to say, Lia’s photos of our family are by far my favorite ones ever done.” (Michelle)

Lia was part of a very busy extended family holiday celebration. I thought it was great that she didn’t get trampled as everyone scurried around cooking complicated things we only make once a year (so there’s a little “excitement”). Then I noticed that she was part of the kitchen madness, the banter, and the chaos, chopping, baking, etc. It was only recently that I realized she was able to capture AND be part of the fun. The pictures are not only great visual memories, but they somehow magically transport back to the emotions of the moments. Absolutely phenomenal experience enjoyed by three generations, to be shared with many more!” (Elaine)

Lia did a “Day in the Life” shoot for our family in Munich and we had such a blast. Lia has a heartwarming passion for documentary family photography which showed through in the beautiful way she captured our precious and very real moments together that we often forget are a part of our everyday life. I cannot praise her highly enough!” (Richelle)

We did a “Morning in the Life of” shoot with Lia in the Fall. We were drawn to her documentary-style photography as a way to capture the real-life memories. She has a real talent for catching moments and composing beautiful pictures. Even the normal, everyday tasks – eating breakfast, riding the Ubahn, going to the park – look beautiful through Lia’s lens.” (Sarah)

“I recently l looked again at our pictures from 6 months ago.  I saw the picture of my boy in his nappy in the bathroom at bath-time and me getting him into his pyjamas and felt very nostalgic for my baby, and couldn’t believe how much he has changed. He is such a big kindergarten boy now (who puts on his own pyjamas, back to front or inside out, but by himself)  and it was so lovely to know that we have captured that moment when he was still a little man. Looking back gives me perspective on what is important in our home, and enjoying moments with my children. Our weekends have changed too, the children are so busy all the time with their friends and they are so different in the way that they play and the things they choose to do. So your photos are a really special lasting memory of a time that I would otherwise have forgotten as just another day,  and has made me notice how much they have changed even in such a short time. It gives me a mixture of pride at how much we have all moved on (all of us, not just the children)  and sadness that it is a time that has gone. I can’t imagine how I will feel when they are much much older. Your pictures make me very emotional!!!!” (Sarah)

I’m thankful for the images you took every day! I had three of our favourites framed so we get to see them all the time. They are really special, meaningful pieces of art that make me both happy and nostalgic when I look at them. Our little boy loves them too! He gets really excited to point out “Mama” “Papa” and himself. It’s so cute! Our boy had just learned to crawl when we had the session. The photo we have hanging in our hallway reminds me how determined and proud he was. The crawling phase only lasted about four months, so it’s really cool to have it documented.  We recently moved apartments so it’s also special to have documentation of our family life in our first family home together. Looking at the images you took will always remind me of what our life was like in those wonderful, crazy first couple years as a family of three.” (Claire)

I must admit, I had some hesitations about you spending a whole afternoon photographing us. I/we may not always have a smile (let’s face it who does for 5 hours?!), suppose the children (or we) argue, what if what you photograph looks so routine, what if 5 hours feels like 5 years… Well, not only was it a genuine pleasure to spend the time with you and have you accompany us during a typical Saturday at home, you have managed to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Capturing cuddles, a competitive game of Frustration, nonsense, time in the garden, cake-baking, reading, a walk down to the Isar, meal times, story and bed time with such beauty, love and honesty.  We shall all treasure these wonderful photographs for decades to come. How precious for the children to be able to look back at a typical day at home and remember how we spent time together and bonded as a family. You have an amazing gift – making everyone feel at ease while creating a work of art out of life.” (Tamara)

Oh Lia, I love them and they are really funny! They absolutely are our life at the moment, just brilliant. I love them all but Mr Nosey picking his nose made me laugh till I cried” (Sarah)

“From my first contact with Lia via email, we sort of clicked and I thought she had a great sense of humour. That made it clear to me, even before our first phone call, that she would be the right person to take our first proper family pictures. And when we then chatted on the phone, and she explained to me how she goes about her shootings, and what she wants to achieve with them – to create memories to last – my feelings were more than confirmed. Our whole family – including the kiddies – immediately got along great with her the day she arrived and there was no moments of awkwardness, just lots and lots of fun! Lia has such a great eye for details, and she has an incredible sense for picking up the atmosphere and essence of a family (certainly for us!). We love every picture, as they really show our life together and it will be so wonderful to look back at those photographs in the future and have all those memories come back. Thank you, Lia!” (Alina)

“Lia recently photographed our children at home for the second time. Once again, it was an amazing experience. Lia just makes the situation feel so extremely natural. The children had a whale of a time, they literally loved every minute.  This was even true of our youngest (2.5yr old) who had refused even a single smile when last photographed (by someone else) at a studio. The photos that resulted are hence just full of fun and smiles and special moments and will surely be some of our favourite pictures of all time!” (Barbara K)

“Lia, oh my gosh, these are stunning! This is exactly what we had in mind but even better! You really captured our son’s personality and the love we have for him and each other. Thank you!!!” (Claire)

“Das sind wirklich wunderschöne Bilder, voller Emotionen, da habe ich gleich Tränen in den Augen. Vielen Dank, dass du hier warst!!” (Sandra)

“It’s amazing how you captured the joy of our family spending time together. The whole atmosphere during our time with you was so relaxed and great fun! Thank you for the wonderful photos!!” (Margalida)

“This was our second photo session with Lia. Not only is she an amazing person but also a great photographer and the time we spend with her is always a joy. It was a very hot morning in July and my son and I played in the garden with the water to refresh ourselves. Lia captured the emotions beautifully. I cannot thank her enough for these precious images. Now I’m looking forward to the snow season so Lia can capture us getting into a snowball fight!” (Marta)

“Lia, you are incredible. You have an amazing talent for capturing the essence that makes up our new family. Your photography has captured our everyday family moments with such emotion and tenderness that they are transformed into something really special.  Your patience, warmth and creativity made our shoot relaxed, comfortable and best of all, fun! I can’t thank you enough that we are now able to treasure these memories forever.” (Richelle)

“You turned our typical hectic morning at home into a wonderful series of family life photos with the magic of your photography.  Thanks to you, we finally have some great photos to hang on the walls” (Jodie)

We are so pleased with our photos! They are beautiful and personal. You really worked with our family to capture the joy, love and pride we felt at our oldest daughter’s confirmation. You managed to catch each of our children in a moment of reflection and uncommon stillness. The session was smooth and painless for our three teenage children. Thank you!” (Albie)

“Oh Lia, I can’t thank you enough for the truly wonderful pictures you took for us! We love them! We really appreciate the time and effort you put in and the immense pride you take in your work to produce pictures that capture us and our little boy perfectly. Thank you!” (Fiona D)

“Wow! They are amazing, Lia. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you had a career change and moved into photography. You have such a talent!” (Rachel W)

“Thanks a lot for the great experience, we were so excited about it! Your empathetic approach made it easy for our daughter to relax. The pictures are gorgeous! We’ll surely be back for a second, third and fourth time…” (Lilly X)

“Having seen some of her fantastic work, I asked Lia to come and take pictures of my two girls and new baby. I loved the way Lia took time to understand what we were looking for, and the 100% dedication and enthusiasm with which she went about getting the best shots. We are thrilled with the results, the photos are so special and natural, and so much more original than the usual studio pictures. Lia’s turnaround time was also amazing and enabled us to quickly get on with organising those birth announcement cards!” (Barbara K)

“We never thought a photoshoot could be so much fun and we are absolutely THRILLED with the results.  Being at home was so much more natural, personal and relaxing than being stuck in a studio. Our daughter LOVED the attention and you clearly have a real knack with children as well as photography. Thank you so much!!!!” (Tamara C)

“Your photos are really fabulous… definitely getting you to document our family when we have number 2!”(Penelope)

“Thank you so much, we absolutely love all of the photos and are so proud to show them off to our family and friends. The experience was fabulous. Thank you so much again, you have done such a wonderful job capturing our little angel.” (Mel)

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