What is documentary family photography?

The days are long, but the years are short” — GRETCHEN RUBIN


I don’t know about you, but I forget too much. So much happens every day, every week, every month in my family. My daughter grows up faster than I can keep pace with and despite all good intentions, I cannot always remember all the little things that make me smile every day. I’m not someone who wants to live in the past or worry about how I will feel in the future, I try to enjoy the present moment. But I am keenly aware of what a short period in my life this is when I will be mother to a young child. And I do not want to forget this special time.

Documentary family photography is a means of preserving memories of day-to-day family life so that you don’t need to forget how it was.

How does a day-in-the-life session work? Well, it’s all pretty simple. I come to your home, hang out with you for the day and photograph everything about your daily life with kids – the routines and rituals, the silliness, the cheekiness, the hard work, the love, right up to the time they close their eyes and fall asleep. All of it. You wear what you want, there is no posing or asking anyone to look in the camera.  A few weeks later, we meet at my home for the big reveal of your slideshow and to go through all the pictures from your day and decide how you would like to preserve your memories as wall art and/or in a professionally designed and printed luxury album. Every session includes a product credit that you can use towards artwork and albums so that this day in your life will be preserved for you to look at again, anytime you want to remember and feel how it was. Easy-peasy.

For families with newborns, I offer 2 hour documentary sessions that capture your growing family and life with your newborn.


Want to try out a half day? No problem, I also offer half day-in-the-life family photography to capture either your morning routine up until lunch or your afternoon up until bedtime stories.


Want your vacation captured? I can travel anywhere within Europe to join you and capture 2-3 days of your vacation. You can put down the camera and focus on enjoying your vacation and time with your family.


If you don’t want to forget all the wonderful and crazy stuff that fills your days right now, and you think this type of photography would be just your thing, get in touch via this form and I’ll send you the whole info package so we can make this happen before those kids get any bigger!