Why I had a photographer document an entire day in our life

Day in the life family photography in Munich

Photo credit: Kelly Koller

“Oh crap!”, I thought, “all that stuff is still under the dining table and there is a pile of ironing. I didn’t want that stuff in the photos”. It was the night before the day we would get to keep forever. Arizona-based photographer Kelly Koller was in Europe and there was no way I was not going to book her to photograph a day-in-the-life (“DITL” as we call it in the business) of my family while she was here. But now it was the night before and I was stressing about how my home looked. I had to remind myself why we were doing this.

But why were we doing this? Spending, frankly, a LOT of hard-earned cash on having a photographer spend the whole day with us. Why?

I could tell you that it was because, as a photographer myself I had neither the time or ability to get in the frame enough myself. That was one reason, but not the main driver for me getting a photographer all the way from Arizona to come and spend the day with us.

I could tell you that, living abroad from my family, I wanted to show them a glimpse of our life. That was definitely something I could do with these photos, but it still wasn’t the reason why I was doing this.

I could tell you that it was to show all the work that goes into this parenting lark. I enjoy parenting immensely and am equally exasperated and exhausted by raising a small human being. Did I want to do this to show others how hard I work? No, that’s not it either. I’ve never been particularly bothered what others think of what I do or don’t do (since the truth is, they don’t think about it at all).

I could tell you that it was to show my daughter that the love I feel for her literally blows my mind and that I love being her mummy and spending time with her. It does and I do and that is certainly a great gift to be able to give her – an album of shots that show her what our life looked like and all the things we did together, the fun we had together.

But here’s the honest truth. I wanted an ordinary day in our life photographed, because I do not want to forget how it feels right now. I do not want to forget. I have already forgotten too much. There is too much to hold in my head. I can’t remember it all. More than anything, as hard and long as the days can be, I do not want to forget this timeThat is the real reason why I did this.

And you know what? I got exactly that – when I look at this slideshow, it is the nearest thing to being transported back in time to my life with a 3 year old . And even my husband agreed that it was without a doubt the best thing we ever spent money on. We’re so grateful to Kelly for capturing these precious moments of our day so beautifully and with such honesty and humour.


Family photojournalism is a really specialised and highly skilled area of family photography. I’m thrilled to be offering day-in-the-life sessions to you so that you can also rest easy knowing that you won’t forget these days. I’ll capture your life beautifully for you and preserve it in a gorgeous album that you’ll always get to keep, long after the days when your floor was strewn with lego and peas and the washing was never quite done. First step? Fill in this form and we’ll figure out a timeframe and payment plan that works for you.

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